peace in chaos

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a mess whether it’s with co-workers, your parents, siblings,  your children, your finances, your health, neighbors or maybe your marriage?

What is your first, natural reaction?  Usually blame.  Been there, done that. 

Then, comes all the ideas of how the other person should change, so that whatever mess you are in together will be resolved.  Been there, done that.

Even if you see your part in the mess, and start cleaning it up, and the other person(s) does not clean up their part – in the way that you want them too…then that blame cycle starts all over again, and any positive changes you made  just turn into resentment.  Been there, done that.

 HOW do you find inner peace in the middle of life’s ups and downs and in the chaos?

Here’s what I did (and still do – life is a process, after all!)

1.  Recognize you are only responsible for changing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and how you perceive things and react to them.

2.  Let go of trying to make someone change into the person you want them to be – even if you know they would be happier, or that they have more potential.

4.  Let go, and start changing you.

5.  Recognize that as you change, your heart is more open, forgiving and loving.

6.  Watch the magic!  Situations, and people will not annoy you like before. You begin to see the good in others more easily.  Instead of negativity and limitations, you will feel more optimistic and see more possibilities.  That positive emotional energy soon begins to have a powerful ripple effect.  You will notice others calming down, being more lighthearted, less defensive, more open.  The more positive you are, the more positive life experiences and people will start to show up and support your change.  Those who do not want to support you, will gracefully go on their own path where they feel more comfortable.

Are you ready to find peace in your relationships, with your career and finances, with your health?

That peace must start from within.

Have you ever felt that meditating, counseling, self-help books, even prayer doesn’t seem to make a lasting change??  (Been there.  Done that.) Is it that those tools do not work?


If these tools are not working for you, there is NOTHING WRONG with you, you just have some blocks in your emotional energy.


What in the world does that mean??

Emotional blocks are a result of experiences in your life where you pick up negative beliefs and perceptions about yourself.  Oh, and then there are the emotional blocks that are passed down from your ancestors…have you ever noticed emotional traits in families that recur generation after generation?  Attitudes and beliefs about money – mostly not having it, unexplained fears and phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, control issues, etc., etc.!   It happens to everyone.  Every family. 

I was tired of trying to “get over” all of my stuff on my own…mostly because I wasn’t successful.

I realized that feeling better did not have to do with God not answering my prayers to be able to let go, forgive and heal. 

It had EVERYTHING to do with all the “emotional blocks and clutter” in the way of me being able to receive the healing He is always offering. 

Emotional blocks and clutter include:  not feeling worthy and deserving, lack of trust in yourself and in your abilities, among other things…that your conscious mind is usually not aware of.  Your emotional mind (or subconscious, or energy) however, is well aware!

SimplyHealed™ energy healing quickly and easily gets rid of emotional blocks that are keeping you from feeling peace, joy, having fun or being successful in your relationships or business.  It does not matter what chaos is going on in your life – you can have freedom from emotional chaos.

emotional block diagram

You can have peace. 

You can have success. 

You can have good health. 

You can have happy relationships. 

You can have clear access to God’s healing power. 

Are you ready to get the blocks out of your way?

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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season.  I know that sometimes the holidays can bring up a lot of  unresolved, hurt feelings. If that is true for you, I am here to give you hope.  It does not have to be that way!  You can be free from that pain.  If you have tried everything, and still, your pain lingers, then consider a Simply Healed session.  In a one hour session you can feel a difference!  You will feel more connected to God’s healing power – after all, HE is the one that heals us!

It is also a great time to reflect on how your year went, and what things you would like to change or improve.  Are you ready to make those changes and live your life free from the emotional blocks that have kept you frustrated year after year after year?

What do you want this year? 

Better Health, LESS Stress, Happier Relationships – marriage, kids, co-workers, friends, significant other, Lose Weight, Better Job, More Positive Attitude & Outlook on Life, Discover your Purpose-Gifts-Talents, Feel More Appreciated, Feel More Connected to God and to your Relationships, Finally Let Go of your Past and MOVE FORWARD, More Confidence, More Success in your Business, Feel Balanced and Peaceful, Feel more Motivated, Accomplish More in Less Time, Take Care of Yourself Better – AND not feel Guilty about it!, Have More Energy to Take Care of Others, Have More Patience with your Children…and others, Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Self-Doubt…and so MUCH MORE!


What have some of my clients said about working with me?

“I genuinely cannot thank Jen enough for how much she has helped me after just one session –  I just felt at a standstill in my personal and professional life. I knew I was facing the right direction but I felt like I just couldn’t start the process of actually moving forward. Jen was able to identify all my key concerns so quickly and work through them that the benefits were pretty much instantaneous.

I am an eternal optimist and generally upbeat person but it can get hard when you feel like you are doing all the right things but it is just not all coming together. After my session with Jen, I felt completely reinvigorated and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I cannot overstate how much Jen has allowed me to leave behind all that useless baggage we all carry around. Jen, keep up all your great work!”

Beth-Ann, Ireland

“Have you ever had a cleaning lady come to your house and your house is clean all at one time and it feels so great?  Well, my friend Jen Poulson is even better than that! She does not even have to come to your house, she can talk to you on the phone and she cleans the EMOTIONAL clutter we collect over our lifetime. Sometimes the clutter is not even YOURS – it was passed down from your grandmother! The greatest thing is you don’t have to pass it to your children. You will be amazed how right on target she is without you having to tell any personal details. She is the ultimate cleaning lady so you will have a better connection with God, your family, friends, and your true self!”

Jamie D., Alabama

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Jen Poulson


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What Gift Can You Give?


Today I was watching some Youtube music videos with my 3 daughters – we were looking for inspirational music to put on an mp3 player for my son for Christmas.

My daughter Sydney clicked on Susan Boyle’s performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on the show:  Britain’s Got Talent.  I have seen that video before, but I saw it so differently today.

I saw more clearly the smirks on the judge’s and audiences’ faces as Susan made her way on stage.  I remember my own judgement of her when I first saw the video.  She didn’t seem to notice or perhaps did not care about the looks she received…she knew her purpose in that moment.  She knew what she was capable of, and she delivered a performance that brings tears to my eyes, and inspires me, every time I watch her.

I thought about how that experience often parallels life experiences.  How often have you been quick to judge someone, only to discover a jewel?  How often have you felt smirks from others and moved forward with your purpose anyway?  How often have you allowed other’s smirks and judgements steer you off course, doubting yourself, your unique gifts and talents and your purpose?

Susan sings about dreams – she had hers.  She is living hers because she did not allow the smirks, the judgements, self-doubt, or fear take root in what she wanted to accomplish!

You have a powerful dream somewhere inside you!  You have your own greatness, your own unique purpose, your own “song” that will allow you to shine the way God created you to shine.

THAT is the gift you can give! 

When you shine, you bless the lives of everyone around you.  You make the world a better place.  You lift and inspire others to find their light and shine.

During this holiday season, may you see the light in yourself and others more easily.  May you find a way to grow your light and inspire the people in your life to find their light and shine!  May we ALL let go of judging ourselves and others, and be a source of love and light in the world.

Be Inspired!

Happy Holidays!


So many times we get caught up in the false belief that success is determined by the state of the Economy or even our luck.  What I have found with myself and my clients, is that SUCCESS, is determined by the state of our emotional health & subconscious beliefs about ourselves, money and worthiness for success.

Are you doing everything “right”, everything you have been trained to do, everything you can think of to do, to be successful?  Does the success you want to achieve feel difficult, maybe impossible, or that it will take years??

If you feel that way, and want to FAST TRACK your way out of that struggle, check out what one of my business clients said after only ONE MONTH into the business program:

“Our business has increased significantly. We have increased our new patient numbers, and people have been finding us in new ways, aside from our usual marketing and referral sources. Our existing patient visits have been slowly increasing over the last several weeks as well. Better yet, our energy has been higher and more focused. After we worked on physical endurance via energy work, my arms and body have not been fatigued or weak as they had been in the past. 

We are very excited about the positive improvements and increases since starting Jen’s business program!”
Lee Goldenberg, D.C.
Goodson Health & Wellness
140 Village Street, Ste. 201 Birmingham, AL 35242 205-981-8090 www.GoodsonHealth.com

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Today I watched in incredible TED talk about how Emotional Energy affects the success of a business.  It was explained that “Emotional Energy has the power to transform and unite companies and communities.”  I have seen the effects of transforming negative emotional energy in my own life – including my relationships, health and business.  I have seen it help kids do better in school and with friends.  I have seen my clients transform family relationships and bring families and marriages back together.  I have seen stressed out, worn down, sick bodies, minds and hearts regain strength, purpose, peace, and excitement for life.  I have seen businesses that have struggled in today’s economy improve and exceed expectations. 

Here is the link to this incredible TED talk:  http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130729095958-269697626-why-i-believe-energy-can-transform-companies-and-communities?trk=prof-post 

All it takes is knowing how to make the necessary, powerful changes in your Emotional Energy.  How do you unlock the energy to YOUR SUCCESS? 

I have learned how to do that through Carolyn Cooper’s Simply Healed™ Method.  

Meet some of my clients here:  http://jenpoulson.com/clients.html

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Our Emotional Energy is powerful.  It determines where we are in life, if we are stuck in a rut, and where we are going! 

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Jen Poulson



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October 21-24, 2013 – Birmingham, AL

Simply Healed Class – taught by CAROLYN COOPER!

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In the Simply Healed™ Training program you will learn how to:

  • Integrate positive affirmations directly to the subconscious mind
  • Release negative self-talk and defeating thoughts
  • Develop the art of muscle testing on yourself and others
  • Gather information from the body’s energy field
  • Help relieve many physical and emotional problems by releasing old and/or current traumas
  • Clear generational issues that may be keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to trust your own intuition
  • Balance right and left brain hemispheres
  • Heal injuries by clearing negative energy and replacing it with healing energy
  • Save money and have fewer doctor visits
  • Overcome fears/phobias
  • Acknowledge and connect with the divine worth of your authentic self
  • Help family & friends
  • Create your own business helping others OR add Simply Healed™ to your existing business to help your business grow & to benefit clients!

This class will change your life!

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Jen Poulson