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Seeing Invisible


This weekend I was walking through wal-mart to return a Redbox dvd.  I became keenly aware of everyone that came into my line of vision.  I noticed that some people walked right past me as if I did not even exist.  I began making an effort to catch people’s eye and just smile.  Some made eye contact but did not smile back.  Other’s smiled back and said hi.  Some still looked right past me as if I were invisible. 

I started to wonder how many times I walked past someone and didn’t see them –  At the store, at church, in my neighborhood…just wherever my life takes me each day.

I started to wonder if my husband and kids ever feel like I do not see them – maybe during times when I am caught up in a project, a phone call, or a grumpy mood.  Or, maybe when I am anxious to give my opinion or advice when really all they wanted was for me to listen. 

Today is the day I consciously begin to “see” everyone around me and acknowledge their wonderful existence.  I will pay more attention, I will look people in the eye and smile.  I will share love and light in the world every day!

Give it a try and see what happens! 


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