One of my Simply Healed™ clients shared on a recent conference call that since working with me, her business grew from making $8,000 a month to $25,000 a month in about 2 years! She is now on track to be making $50,000 a month by the end of the year!!
When she asked me if I was interested in creating a partnership to support each other in our businesses, it did not take me long to figure out that this would be a smart move! 
The girl knows what she is doing, and she is having fun helping others be just as successful!! 


Let me introduce you…this is Heather Madder!
heather madder 
I am teaming up with author and successful business coach, Heather Madder. We have put our expertise and resources together to create a unique opportunity just for you! We want to help you improve your health AND achieve financial abundance quickly and easily, by combining Heather’s business coaching and support, and my Simply Healed™ energy coaching.  Together we will help you achieve your best physical health, emotional health, and financial success. 
Let us introduce you to…doTERRA Essential Oils!
Why Essential Oils?
Because everyone can benefit from using doTerra essential oils!  I love essential oils because they support our family’s healing naturally, and are so simple, even my kids can use them!  Now my kids ask me for oils instead of headache or stuffy nose medicine.
What do Essential Oils do?
They help boost the immune system, calm stress and anxieties – especially great for kids to help with “school butterflies”, prevent illness, ease digestive issues, boost energy without harmful energy drinks, and MORE.  Essential oils can also help get rid of headaches, sore muscles, nausea, soothe burns, bug bites, eczema, eliminate athlete’s foot , increase energy, lift your mood, and more…without harmful side affects.
How can this winning combination help You?
Emotional Health – Essential oils help support you in maintaining clear emotional health after your Simply Healed sessions. They support the body to maintain the high vibration that comes through releasing emotional blocks.
Physical Health – Essential Oils help protect and heal your body’s immune system.  It is so much easier to feel happy when your body is healthy and balanced!  
Financial Abundance
– Many people have subconscious money blocks that keep them from knowing they are worthy & deserving of financial success.  I will help you quickly overcome those negative emotional blocks holding you back. You will begin to discover and experience how quickly you can create financial success. 
Our Special Invitation …
* Free Family Physician Kit – Top 10 Oils
* Free doTERRA Membership
* Free Healthy Can Be Simple Guide
* Free Health Consult
* Free Simply Healed™ Sessions (3)
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Your Commitment:  Give doTERRA Products a try! Invest $100 a month for 3 months, and order doTERRA’s amazing health & wellness products for your family.  Your personal doTERRA coach will teach how to use them and get paid to share them.



* 2 Free Mini Sample Bottles of doTERRA Oils – Heather will tailor your oil samples depending on what you need help with:  Weight Loss; Stress and Anxiety; Cold and Flu AND teach you how to use them
* Free Healthy Can Be Simple Guide
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Your Value: $49
You pay only $3.95 for shipping!

OFFER 3:  Become a happy doTERRA Customer
Those using doTERRA products and those sharing them have a high retention rate!  Their products for home and health provide endless possibilities for your success both in health and in wealth.  When you put effort into doTERRA, it pays you back!  We are committed to helping you every step of the way!
Text Heather and let her know you are interested, and she will contact you and answer any questions you have!
(480) 268-5692
  Heather Madder
         Learn more about Heather at

back to school1

The new school year has started!  How are your children adjusting to their new teachers, friends, school, homework, new sports and a more rigid schedule?

Dedicating a Simply Healed Energy Session to them may be just the advantage they need to feel more confident in their school work, making new friends and trying new sports.  (Dedication means I talk with you instead of them…energy work is just cool that way – it really works!)

My 9-year-old daughter has asked me to “balance her energy” a couple of times since school has started.  She was feeling nervous about the new demands of writing in 4th grade.  She was feeling like her writing was not good enough, and not as good as the other students.  She was having melt downs after school, not wanting to do her writing assignments.  She was feeling worried about having to get up in front of the class and read from her writing journal and worried about taking tests.  A mini-session was all she needed.  Now she wakes up in the morning feeling happy and excited about school!  She comes home and does her homework without having to be reminded, her fear of getting up in class has been replaced with confidence, and she has done well on all of her tests so far.

My teenagers also ask me to do energy work for them.  Their classes are difficult and demanding.  There is plenty of drama to deal with at school, and they do not want to feel affected by it.  What teenager does not deal with self-esteem issues as they compare themselves to each other?  I have seen the changes that energy work has had on my children!  They have confidence and self-esteem beyond their years.  They are self-motivated, able to handle the demands of school work, get to Bible study at 6 am every morning, participate in other extra curricular activities and still maintain good grades. 


sad back to school  worried back to school



Since I am tardy getting this Back-to-School offer out to everyone, 

it will be an extra sweet deal!! 

1/2 off for kids!

 20 minute Simply Healed Mini-Session for 1 child: $15 ($30 Value)

25 minute Simply Healed Group Session for 2 or more children: $25 ($50 Value)

50 minute Simply Healed Adult Session: $75 ($125 Value)


*prices good only for 1 week*

Offer expires 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Email me at today at admin@jenpoulson.com to reserve your spot!!




Sometimes things happen in childhood or even as an adult, that carries over into different parts of our lives that make us forget that we are wonderful! 

When you forget, you may feel frustrated, unmotivated, and out of balance.  When you forget, your health may deteriorate – you may notice that your body tries to help you become aware of underlying negative emotions and beliefs about yourself by getting sick, feeling tired, gaining weight, breaking out, etc. 

When you forget, you may find yourself stuck in unhealthy relationships, money problems, or “bad luck”…you may have the attitude of – “If it’s not one thing, it’s another”.

Research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton proves that your subconscious beliefs account for 95% of the outcomes in your life.  He has also proved that those negative subconscious beliefs

CAN BE REVERSED!!  He suggests meditation as one tool.   I know prayer is also powerful in helping us change. 

There is another tool that has changed my life, that actually releases negative beliefs that can get in the way of feeling that divine help that is always there – Simply Healed.  Does it change everything in 1 session?  No – all healing is a process.  Does this process have to be long and drawn out and painful?  NO!!  I guess that is why I love it so much, and why I was trained, and why I love helping others make quick changes that create the happiness & success they desire.

Are you or someone you know, in need of an “emotional tune-up”? 

Whatever you do today…Be wonderful to yourself & take care of YOU!! 

Jen  205-835-1968


 Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my 3rd attempt at writing this post…I think I have it right this time!!

I have been a mom for over 19 years now.  It is definitely an amazing experience.  As I reflect on what the past 19+ years has taught me, here are a few highlights:  Being a Mom has helped me come to peace with judgement I placed on my own mom as I was growing up.  It has stretched me to know how to love more than I ever knew I could.  It has provided more joyful moments than I ever knew possible.  It has helped me see my own weaknesses and motivated me to keep learning and growing, helping me overcome my weaknesses.   Many times over the years it has given me powerful, sweet glimpses of  how much God really does love each one of us, has a divine purpose for each of us, and never gives up on us.  No matter what.

I realized years ago, as a “younger” mom, that I had some blocks.  I did not know what that meant back then.  What I knew was that I felt stuck.  I kept finding myself re-living the same frustrations, battling the same thoughts in my head about my weight, my worth, other people, my purpose, etc.  No matter how many prayers I said or how many hours of reading scriptures and self-help books, the benefits felt temporary.  I fell back into the same frustrations year after year. I didn’t know it yet, but I started to become open to new possibilities and new ways of doing things.  When my doctor wanted to put me on hormone replacement therapy in my early thirties for some mild depression, I had a good friend tell me about a nutrition class that might help.  At the time I didn’t know how food could make that much of a difference for me, but as a last resort, I was willing to give it a try.  Intuitively, the hormone replacement therapy did not feel like the right solution for me.  Within a week or so of changing a few things in my diet, my depression lifted, and I was free from that.  I was back!

A few more years down the road, still becoming more open, without even realizing it, I was talking with another good friend of mine. I was telling her one of my “victim stories” about how frustrated I was with some family situation – you know, the kind you build up in your head that becomes bigger and bigger every time you talk about it.  The kind of story that lingers because you are expecting everyone else to change so you can be happier…ya, that was me.  I was holding on to resentment, finding it difficult to let go and forgive – big things and little things.  It wasn’t for lack of prayers, I just didn’t seem to be able to feel the prayers working.  This friend of mine gives me the number of a lady she goes to and takes her children to when they are feeling “stuck” in their emotions.  She was not a traditional therapist.  She referred to her as her “energy lady”. Can you guess what my first reaction was?  WEIRD!  However…I knew my personal pain, the stuff not many people knew about, was definitely getting in my way.  It was that same pain that helped me once again, be open enough to give it a try.  It was my last resort. That first appointment changed the course of my life.

In one hour, the weight of the emotional burden I had been carrying around felt so much lighter, that my shoulders actually felt lighter and relaxed.  This energy lady did not require that I have an appointment every week.  I made an appointment every time I started feeling a little “off”, when things started to bug me.  That was my cue that there were more emotions or issues I was ready to let go of.  Each time I go for a “tune-up” I feel immediate results that have a ripple effect over the weeks or months between appointments.  The thoughts I battle in my head begin to quiet.  I begin feeling peaceful, as if all the answers to my prayers can finally reach me. How it all worked didn’t make sense to me at first, but honestly, I did not care.  It worked!  I felt more connected to God, to my husband, to my kids, and to myself.  I was able to start letting go of resentment. The miracle of forgiveness began to work in my life.  I began to see myself as God sees me.

If you are looking for this kind of powerful transition in your life, you are in the right place at the right time!  

Here is your moment of truth – are you ready to consider a new possibility?  A new way of doing things? What could your life be like if you were really able to let go of that pain that not many people know about or understand? What would your life be like if you had faith in yourself again, to be at peace with your past and begin from this moment on, to step in to a new future?

To get you started, here are some special discounts – available for purchase only until May 31st!

1 Simply Healed™  Session Special: $80 ($45 Discount!)  Click here now for this special offer!

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**No limit on how many sessions or packages you purchase – sessions and packages may be gifted to others**
For more information on Simply Healed™ visit my website at jenpoulson.com.  You can also find me on facebook!
Have more questions?  Call me for a free question consult – no strings attached!  
Today is the day that you can begin to change the course of your life!
Improve your self-esteem, your health and fitness, your relationships with your spouse, your children, other family members, co-workers, and even improve your relationship with money!  It is time to let go of whatever is holding you back, and start living on purpose, with purpose!  Find your JOY!



Do you ever feel stressed out or worried when it comes to your business or job? Do you ever feel like you work so hard and have little to show for it? Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? 

What if it is not about the job, the business, the clients, the co-workers, the money or how hard you work?

**WHAT IF it is all about what is hidden in your subconscious belief system??** 

Scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton, show that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness, which means that 95 – 99% of our life comes from the programming in our subconscious mind.

Subconscious beliefs can unknowingly keep you stuck.  If you notice yourself living the same scenarios over and over, if you know the changes you need or want to make, but just can’t seem to make them, then your subconscious belief system is at work, making it difficult to move forward with your success.

Through Simply Healed, a unique and powerful emotional balance technique, the negative subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck can be easily released and replaced with positive beliefs that will allow you to easily achieve whatever success you want to create in your life.

You are invited to a FREE Simply Healed Session conference call ($125 value) to spring clean those negative hidden beliefs that are sabotaging your business success! Do you want to get to the next level in your business, make more money, find the perfect job, attract loyal clients, get along better with co-workers, have clarity in your business decisions, improve your skills? Here is your chance to get a JUMP START!   

*Meet one of my clients on the call who will share his experience with Simply Healed*

Check out the details here: 

Thursday March 27, 2014
Conference Dial-in Number:
(712) 432-1500
Access Code: 429539#

6:30 pm PST
7:30 pm MST
8:30 pm CST
9:30 pm EST

Happy Spring,
Jen Poulson




Here we are 15 days into our brand new year.  How are you feeling?  Are you excited about all the possibilities of the new year…or has the excitement worn off and have you slipped back into your old familiar routine, leaving behind your new dreams?

Do not despair!  You can get that excitement back! 

Here are 3 tips that will help you get back on track:

1.  Take time for you each day – even if it’s just 15 minutes!

 (pray/meditate, exercise, eat healthy, read or listen to something inspiring, journal)

2.  WRITE down what you want to accomplish this month, MAKE A PLAN for HOW you will accomplish it and then GET STARTED TODAY!  Make your plan simple steps.  Review at the end of the month & Repeat! 

Still not feeling it?  Not feeling strong enough to get going?  Feeling uncomfortable with change, letting go of the past and moving forward?  That is normal!  That leads us to step #3!

3.  Every morning take a minute or two and STAND like the little girl in the picture above!  Some call it the super hero stance.  I know it seems silly, but you will be surprised at how quickly it will shift your energy from dreading what’s ahead of you, to confidence & inner strength!




Jen Poulson, Energy Coach





Seeing Invisible


This weekend I was walking through wal-mart to return a Redbox dvd.  I became keenly aware of everyone that came into my line of vision.  I noticed that some people walked right past me as if I did not even exist.  I began making an effort to catch people’s eye and just smile.  Some made eye contact but did not smile back.  Other’s smiled back and said hi.  Some still looked right past me as if I were invisible. 

I started to wonder how many times I walked past someone and didn’t see them –  At the store, at church, in my neighborhood…just wherever my life takes me each day.

I started to wonder if my husband and kids ever feel like I do not see them – maybe during times when I am caught up in a project, a phone call, or a grumpy mood.  Or, maybe when I am anxious to give my opinion or advice when really all they wanted was for me to listen. 

Today is the day I consciously begin to “see” everyone around me and acknowledge their wonderful existence.  I will pay more attention, I will look people in the eye and smile.  I will share love and light in the world every day!

Give it a try and see what happens! 

peace in chaos

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a mess whether it’s with co-workers, your parents, siblings,  your children, your finances, your health, neighbors or maybe your marriage?

What is your first, natural reaction?  Usually blame.  Been there, done that. 

Then, comes all the ideas of how the other person should change, so that whatever mess you are in together will be resolved.  Been there, done that.

Even if you see your part in the mess, and start cleaning it up, and the other person(s) does not clean up their part – in the way that you want them too…then that blame cycle starts all over again, and any positive changes you made  just turn into resentment.  Been there, done that.

 HOW do you find inner peace in the middle of life’s ups and downs and in the chaos?

Here’s what I did (and still do – life is a process, after all!)

1.  Recognize you are only responsible for changing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and how you perceive things and react to them.

2.  Let go of trying to make someone change into the person you want them to be – even if you know they would be happier, or that they have more potential.

4.  Let go, and start changing you.

5.  Recognize that as you change, your heart is more open, forgiving and loving.

6.  Watch the magic!  Situations, and people will not annoy you like before. You begin to see the good in others more easily.  Instead of negativity and limitations, you will feel more optimistic and see more possibilities.  That positive emotional energy soon begins to have a powerful ripple effect.  You will notice others calming down, being more lighthearted, less defensive, more open.  The more positive you are, the more positive life experiences and people will start to show up and support your change.  Those who do not want to support you, will gracefully go on their own path where they feel more comfortable.

Are you ready to find peace in your relationships, with your career and finances, with your health?

That peace must start from within.

Have you ever felt that meditating, counseling, self-help books, even prayer doesn’t seem to make a lasting change??  (Been there.  Done that.) Is it that those tools do not work?


If these tools are not working for you, there is NOTHING WRONG with you, you just have some blocks in your emotional energy.


What in the world does that mean??

Emotional blocks are a result of experiences in your life where you pick up negative beliefs and perceptions about yourself.  Oh, and then there are the emotional blocks that are passed down from your ancestors…have you ever noticed emotional traits in families that recur generation after generation?  Attitudes and beliefs about money – mostly not having it, unexplained fears and phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, control issues, etc., etc.!   It happens to everyone.  Every family. 

I was tired of trying to “get over” all of my stuff on my own…mostly because I wasn’t successful.

I realized that feeling better did not have to do with God not answering my prayers to be able to let go, forgive and heal. 

It had EVERYTHING to do with all the “emotional blocks and clutter” in the way of me being able to receive the healing He is always offering. 

Emotional blocks and clutter include:  not feeling worthy and deserving, lack of trust in yourself and in your abilities, among other things…that your conscious mind is usually not aware of.  Your emotional mind (or subconscious, or energy) however, is well aware!

SimplyHealed™ energy healing quickly and easily gets rid of emotional blocks that are keeping you from feeling peace, joy, having fun or being successful in your relationships or business.  It does not matter what chaos is going on in your life – you can have freedom from emotional chaos.

emotional block diagram

You can have peace. 

You can have success. 

You can have good health. 

You can have happy relationships. 

You can have clear access to God’s healing power. 

Are you ready to get the blocks out of your way?

Questions?  Call me!  205-835-1968



Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season.  I know that sometimes the holidays can bring up a lot of  unresolved, hurt feelings. If that is true for you, I am here to give you hope.  It does not have to be that way!  You can be free from that pain.  If you have tried everything, and still, your pain lingers, then consider a Simply Healed session.  In a one hour session you can feel a difference!  You will feel more connected to God’s healing power – after all, HE is the one that heals us!

It is also a great time to reflect on how your year went, and what things you would like to change or improve.  Are you ready to make those changes and live your life free from the emotional blocks that have kept you frustrated year after year after year?

What do you want this year? 

Better Health, LESS Stress, Happier Relationships – marriage, kids, co-workers, friends, significant other, Lose Weight, Better Job, More Positive Attitude & Outlook on Life, Discover your Purpose-Gifts-Talents, Feel More Appreciated, Feel More Connected to God and to your Relationships, Finally Let Go of your Past and MOVE FORWARD, More Confidence, More Success in your Business, Feel Balanced and Peaceful, Feel more Motivated, Accomplish More in Less Time, Take Care of Yourself Better – AND not feel Guilty about it!, Have More Energy to Take Care of Others, Have More Patience with your Children…and others, Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Self-Doubt…and so MUCH MORE!


What have some of my clients said about working with me?

“I genuinely cannot thank Jen enough for how much she has helped me after just one session –  I just felt at a standstill in my personal and professional life. I knew I was facing the right direction but I felt like I just couldn’t start the process of actually moving forward. Jen was able to identify all my key concerns so quickly and work through them that the benefits were pretty much instantaneous.

I am an eternal optimist and generally upbeat person but it can get hard when you feel like you are doing all the right things but it is just not all coming together. After my session with Jen, I felt completely reinvigorated and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I cannot overstate how much Jen has allowed me to leave behind all that useless baggage we all carry around. Jen, keep up all your great work!”

Beth-Ann, Ireland

“Have you ever had a cleaning lady come to your house and your house is clean all at one time and it feels so great?  Well, my friend Jen Poulson is even better than that! She does not even have to come to your house, she can talk to you on the phone and she cleans the EMOTIONAL clutter we collect over our lifetime. Sometimes the clutter is not even YOURS – it was passed down from your grandmother! The greatest thing is you don’t have to pass it to your children. You will be amazed how right on target she is without you having to tell any personal details. She is the ultimate cleaning lady so you will have a better connection with God, your family, friends, and your true self!”

Jamie D., Alabama

Get started TODAY living your best year ever!!

Special Offer Expires December 31st!

One hour session:  $125 $95  (save $30)

Three Session Package:  $300  $250  (save $50)

Six Session Package:  $550 $500 PLUS 1 year of  monthly group sessions $240 FREE!  

($290 Savings!)

Give yourself the gift of freedom from all that has been holding you back – you are worth it!


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Red Jacket in tall grass

Jen Poulson


205-835-1968 OR Email:  jenpoulson12@hotmail.com


Receive a FREE Group Session call if you purchase BEFORE December 25th!

*Give yourself, a friend or loved one the Gift of Healing*

What Gift Can You Give?


Today I was watching some Youtube music videos with my 3 daughters – we were looking for inspirational music to put on an mp3 player for my son for Christmas.

My daughter Sydney clicked on Susan Boyle’s performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on the show:  Britain’s Got Talent.  I have seen that video before, but I saw it so differently today.

I saw more clearly the smirks on the judge’s and audiences’ faces as Susan made her way on stage.  I remember my own judgement of her when I first saw the video.  She didn’t seem to notice or perhaps did not care about the looks she received…she knew her purpose in that moment.  She knew what she was capable of, and she delivered a performance that brings tears to my eyes, and inspires me, every time I watch her.

I thought about how that experience often parallels life experiences.  How often have you been quick to judge someone, only to discover a jewel?  How often have you felt smirks from others and moved forward with your purpose anyway?  How often have you allowed other’s smirks and judgements steer you off course, doubting yourself, your unique gifts and talents and your purpose?

Susan sings about dreams – she had hers.  She is living hers because she did not allow the smirks, the judgements, self-doubt, or fear take root in what she wanted to accomplish!

You have a powerful dream somewhere inside you!  You have your own greatness, your own unique purpose, your own “song” that will allow you to shine the way God created you to shine.

THAT is the gift you can give! 

When you shine, you bless the lives of everyone around you.  You make the world a better place.  You lift and inspire others to find their light and shine.

During this holiday season, may you see the light in yourself and others more easily.  May you find a way to grow your light and inspire the people in your life to find their light and shine!  May we ALL let go of judging ourselves and others, and be a source of love and light in the world.

Be Inspired!

Happy Holidays!